Dasan J, September 4, 2011

Dasan-J in Collegetown

Inside ambience - small place (most of the Collegetown establishments are), but comfy

Today was the first “Collegetown Bites Trip” of the year, Han came along with me today. We walked up and down scouting out some potential places for an early dinner (or for another trip), and ended up at Dasan-J, a Korean restaurant. We passed on the hot tea as it was hot and humid outside and went for the cold water. After ordering, we had the traditional assortment of pre meal eats.

I ordered a seafood noodle in spicy broth. I’m not a big foodie, nor a culinary connoisseur (like the alliteration?)  but as Han and I discussed during our meal, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t at least try to describe the food. Plus, I forgot to take a picture when the food came (it’s my first time doing this – I’ll be better next time!), so I will try. I enjoyed the contrast between the softness of the noodles and the slightly more crunch onions and cabbage, yet still cooked enough that they were soft enough to eat. I also enjoyed the mix between the seafood flavors of the mussels and shrimp when eaten with the broth, flavored with chilies.

I enjoyed the meal. It was nice to have more authentic Asian food than what they serve on campus (they try…it’s just not the same though), and I was glad to be able to have a spicy dish, as dishes on campus tend to not be so spicy to appeal to more people. I had some “mouth on fire” moments, but the heat was enjoyable also, even though it felt as I was sweating or tearing up a couple times!

Our finished dishes

We had a good time talking about our weekends and other things. When the bill came we were treated to a little surprise:

What a nice way to present the bill & receipt!

What a nice way to present the bill & receipt!

I really enjoyed our first Collegetown Bites trip, and am looking forward to our next culinary outing!


Welcome to Collegetown Bites!

Welcome to Collegetown Bites – I should probably use this first post to introduce the blog and answer some questions. Looks like it might be good for the “About” page too eventually.

What is this blog?
At the beginning of my sophomore year at Cornell, I found that I didn’t really know much about the food scene off campus. Until now, most of my Ithaca food knowledge has come from Cornell Dining in the form of meal swipes of BRBs. Collegetown Bites documents my quest to extend my horizons as I try new places in Collegetown each week.

Why “Collegetown Bites?”
I really wanted “Collegetown Eats,” but that was already taken. Besides, the URL for that could look like college tow neats, which wouldn’t make any sense.

Who’s eating?
Well, I will be. And hopefully some friends will be along for the ride!

I want you to eat at  _(fill in place here)_!
You can suggest eateries on the suggestions page.

I want to read more of your writing!
Really? I wasn’t expecting you to say that! Well thank you, that’s quite flattering – I also have a personal blog which I update from time to time…and I tend to tweet too.