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Asian Noodle House

Over Thanksgiving break, a few of us were going to go to Jack’s Grill but they were closed, so we ended up heading up the street to Asian Noodle House. I forgot my camera, but I can still do a quick write up. I met up with Han, Eric, Allen, and Hank. Asian Noodle House has your regular Asian noodle house type of fare. Some soups, including noodle soups, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes.

I opted for a pineapple fried rice with beef. Not sure why, but I didn’t really want anything spicy as I had burned my tongue a bit earlier in the day. It was pretty much what I expected – fried rice, some egg, beef and pineapple, topped with a cucumber and tomato slice. The service was pretty good (aside from a quick order mix up, but that was fixed in less than a minute, so I’ll let it slide). And we were entertained to hear a funny conversation regarding peanut sauce from another table. It wasn’t that crowded because most people are out of town for Thanksgiving, but it was a nice place to go grab dinner at a reasonable price.



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