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A New Collegetown

Well I’m no longer in Ithaca (at least not for a couple months), though I am in a new Collegetown – Washington D.C.! Especially during the summer – it’s like an intern pilgrimage site. With tons of college kids – and a lot of Colleges too! While I’m here, I figured I’d take a little different direction with the blog, and try cooking (no dining halls this summer!)  I’ll try to update my regular blog as well, but I expect this one will have more updates – there are only so many hours!

So when I can, I’ll take pictures of my own…cooking if you can call it that. Mind you, I’ll probably use quite a wide definition for “cooking” this summer.  Some days, microwaving might be more apt a word (though sometimes after a long day, you just want to sit back and watch as a bowl of minestrone soup spins in the microwave.

Today was one of those days.

Canned string beans and a leftover sandwich

Today was canned string beans and a leftover beef sandwich. I think it probably tasted better than it looks in the picture. In my defense, I got back at 9pm from a Target shopping trip (got some more canned food, so you have some Progresso soup to look forward to) although I did use my new 3 qt pot(!) to cook the string beans rather than microwave them!  Not bad for my first cooked dinner here.


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