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Farfalle! (or My Attempt to Cook)

Well, after a whole work week, I finally decided it was time to try doing some real cooking. Though in order to do that, I’d have to correct the tiny problem that I didn’t have any food. Thus a trip to the local Whole Foods here in Foggy Bottom.

I ended up buying a pack of chicken sausage, a box of bow tie pasta (or farfalle, for you Italian people/foodies!), and a jar of marinara sauce. No, I did not make my own pasta sauce. But I have to start somewhere!

So I started by cutting up the sausage and browning it in my pot (after a bit of having too high heat and not enough oil at first, but just a little hiccup in the whole thing). Then poured in the sauce and let it simmer. I also threw in the leftover string beans from the other night, so I did have my vegetables! Now ideally, I’d have 2 pots, and do sauce on one burner and the pasta on another. Alas, that’s hard to do with 1 pot. So out with the sauce into a bowl, and in with the water for the pasta.

Marinara sauce, with added sausage and string beans

Pasta boiling!

Pasta done and into the bowl

It’s done!

And half and hour later, done! Now, I used my cell phone camera, which isn’t exactly the best quality. And as you can tell, plating (so far) is not exactly my strength either. But something to work on! It tasted pretty good, not bad for minimal ingredients. Plus there was enough left over for another meal next week, so I get a night off of cooking!


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