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Pasta with Vegetable Medley

Last night, I wanted to finish up my open box of pasta, but didn’t want red sauce again; so I thought I’d try a sauceless pasta. I still had chicken sausage in the freezer from last week.

At the market, I bought an onion, yellow squash, and tomato. I got some of the onion (tears and all), and threw that in with some cut up sausage to add some flavor and caramelize.

Sausage and onions

Cooked sausage

While that was cooking, I chopped up my squash and tomatoes, and then put some water on to boil after the sausage was done (again, one pot). While all that was going on, I finished up a bag of salad I bought the other day. When the water boiled, I poured in the pasta and added in the squash, tomatoes, raw onion, and a few pieces of lettuce and greens (for added color!).

Cut up vegetables


I ended up scooping out the vegetables early – I should have probably waited to put them in. After draining the pasta, I just added some butter into it, and mixed it in, letting it melt (I suppose if I had some, I might have done olive oil instead). Then, I re-added the vegetables and meat, and had my meal! I also added a little of the vinaigrette dressing (warm pasta salad?) for some additional flavor!

Finished! Has nice color

Finished product!


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