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Oven Lemon Tilapia

Yesterday morning, I went out in the morning to Whole Foods and bought some food to prepare for dinner last night – a zucchini, a lemon, and tilapia fillets. Though we ended up going to the zoo, and I didn’t feel like cooking after a long day walking (and ended up having a roll and bowl of soup).


Frozen fish

So today, I did the fancy cooking. I started off with the zucchini, which I just sliced and put into a pot of boiling water, along with a little salt. I also put in a couple pieces of onion to cook a little bit and add flavor, but I took them out partway through.

While the zucchini was cooking, I prepped the fish. The first thing I did was defrost the fish (with cold water, like Food Network told me) – I couldn’t put the package in the pot, and I didn’t have my bowl. I stuck the pack of fish into a plastic leftover container, but only half the fillet would fit at a time. But I put in under the sink and let the water just barely drip (to let it circulate, as Alton Brown said in defrosting a turkey, I believe), flipping the fish package over every few minutes.

When the fish was defrosted, I covered the two fillets with some salt, garlic powder, and black pepper. I also put in the pieces of onion that were partly cooked, and a slice of lemon. I wrapped both of them in foil.

Lemon station! And you can see the piece of onion…

Then I had to get the zucchini out, and start on my Rice-a-Roni rice pilaf. Just followed the directions on the box – adding water and butter. I also put my fish in the 350 degree oven. Then I had to wait about 20 minutes. Lucky for me, there were some other people down in the kitchen eating, and so I had some good company to talk to. Covering topics from lettuce to France to the Euro to the housing bubble to college tuition. And everything in between.

Eventually everything was done, and I took at the fish and took the rice off the stove. I suppose I could have browned the rice earlier, or could have left the rice in a little longer to brown. But I took it off, and reheated the zucchini (using…erm…a microwave..), and then did my plating – and done! Fish!

Fish out of the oven

Dinner! Nice color to the meal

It was quite good. The fish was juicy and tender, and the rice had a nice butter flavor to it that tasted good, but was not overpowering. Though I probably could have used more garlic on the fish; I couldn’t really taste it – but the salt and pepper and lemon still tasted great!

Another view of the final plate


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