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June 23, 2012 – Beef Burgers!

Finally tried my hand at some beef! Bought a box of frozen hamburger patties. First though, an attempt at various fried potatoes. I started off with “chips,” using oil and slicing up thin pieces of potato. Though given the limited size of my pot, I decided to not complete that, and ended up using chunk/wedges of potato. Everything went well, except the oversight of using a plastic utensil in hot oil. Added some salt and pepper to the potatoes, and let them cook until brown. Wasn’t too bad, though 1 or 2 pieces were slightly underdone, but cooked enough to eat.

Potato wedges cooking in oil

Fried potatoes!

After that was the hamburger itself. Just added some garlic powder to it, and proceeded to cook the patties (though I had to cook them 1 at a time). Forgot to bring down my onion and tomato, but I did have lettuce. I had a salad while I was waiting for it to cook.

1 hamburger at a time…

I bought some ciabatta rolls and provolone cheese earlier in the week, and used those to help build the burger, along with some of the lettuce. End result – a satisfying burger and fries! Though next time, I think I’ll bring the onion and tomato for additional flavor.

Finished meal!

Burger all put together


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