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July 2, 2012 – Chicken, Round Two

So tonight was back to the chicken. I figured I’d add the leftover pasta into a Pasta Roni (read: Easy Mac for adults) with the chicken. Also, I left my camera in my room today, so had to take pictures with my phone – apologies for the lesser quality.

Pasta Roni box – with creamy herb sauce!

First thing was to finish cooking that chicken breast from last night – I cut it into chunks, and yes, the inside wasn’t fully cooked. So some butter in the pot, and in went the chicken.

After that, was the water and the milk. And frozen peas. Though I realized I should wait until the water is boiling before I put the peas in because they only take a few minutes. Is it even possible to have overcooked frozen peas? Well I tried to fish them out anyways (only got about 2/3 – 3/4  of them), and waited for it to boil.

Pasta! Perhaps I should have broken it in half before it did its bird nest thing

After boiling, I poured in the sauce packet and pasta and let it do its thing. When it was nearly done, I added in my leftover pasta and peas to heat up and get covered in sauce.

And that was it! A little black pepper on top, and dinner! Much simpler and easier than yesterday, and enough for a couple meals of leftovers.


On a side note, Cecilia did cooked some chicken of her own, and I must say that her onions were absolutely amazing! First tasting them, there was the sweet caramelized exterior, which gave way to a soft plush sweet and slightly tangy interior which was a spectacular sensory experience. Awesome onions.


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