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July 3, 2012 – Pre Independence Day Burgers!

It was the day before July 4th, and we were in the in the mood for July 4th BBQ food! Though slightly limited by the fact that we only have access to an old dorm kitchen! I went with my roommate to buy some boxes of burgers and buns at Whole Foods.

So I had the meat. In the fridge, I thought I had a tomato, lettuce, onion, and mushroom. However, it appears that I had the minifridge set a bit too high, and everything not in the door (everything besides the onion) had froze – the lettuce, mushroom, and what appeared to be a tomato that had been in there too long. So I threw out the tomato, and washed the mushroom and lettuce, defrosting them in the process.

Lettuce defrosting!

A frozen mushroom – looks like snow

I did two burgers – it was simple, just throwing the patty into the bottom of the pot. I could only cook 1 patty at a time, so I made 2 in total. For both, I also added in mushrooms and onions and browned them for additional flavor on the burger. For the second one, I included some balsamic dressing (in an attempt to simulate onions in balsamic vinegar) – it was a nice idea, but the flavor was not really strong enough to come through. I ended up burning some of those onions too…

Cookin’ away in the pot

Burger 1

But on the bright side, I put the patty, on a potato roll, and added the mushrooms, onions, lettuce, and a slice of provolone, and my burger was ready! While I ate, I also cooked a third burger to take to work for lunch later in the week. Happy 4th of July!

Burger 2


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