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July 5, 2012: Salisbury Comfort Food

When it comes down to it, Hamburger Helper is basically a grown up’s Easy Mac

I had a box of Salisbury Hamburger Helper, and some leftover patties of hamburger meat, and I thought, why not use the two together? Now to be fair, hamburger helper asks says ground beef, not pre-made frozen patties (which probably have a lot of things in them that fresh ground beef might not), but I figured I’d make the most out of it anyways.


Though before doing that, I made broccoli – I bought a crown and broke it into pieces, then just boiled it. I really enjoyed their flavor though, they had a sweetness that I haven’t really tasted before in broccoli – it was wonderful!

Well it’s almost ground beef

Cooking beef

On the meat side, I defrosted 2 patties (1/2 a pound instead of a pound of meat, but it looked like a lot!) in the microwave, then used my knife to cut/chop/tear/rip/slightly hack the patties into chunks and pieces. After that, it was following the directions on the box, like Easy Mac.


In the end it was alright – the sauce thickened up quite a bit (unlike a previous outing), though I found it a bit salty. Also, it seemed like the recipe called for a lot of meat, and didn’t include much pasta, and included a lot of sauce – perhaps it would have been better to add my own pasta. And while I enjoyed the broccoli very much, using some frozen mixed vegetables (I guess I’m thinking corn, carrots, and peas mostly), and mixing it in would have produced an interesting mix – something like Sheppard’s Pie using pasta instead of potatoes.


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