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July 15, 2012: The Wharf

While I didn’t cook today, I did have a food experience worth writing about! So today I’m going back to the blog’s roots in writing about restaurants and other eateries.

Today, my roommate and I decided to take a trip down to Alexandria in Virginia, and explore the Old Town district along King Street. After a few interruptions and bus trip caused by Metro weekend work, we finally got there! I had a bit of craving for seafood, so we ended up going to a restaurant called The Wharf.

The Wharf

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere, a bit dark at first, but once my eyes adjusted to it, it looked nice, there was dark wood paneling, each table with its own hanging lamp. I ordered East Coast Cioppino – “shrimp, scallops, mussels & Boston scrod in a rich tomato stew & topped with fried calamari.” (And I think I said it correctly when I ordered it too!)


We were served bread at the beginning, which had a nice flavor to it as well. Soon, the salads came, what seemed like romaine lettuce, topped with some cucumbers, cherry tomato slices, radishes and carrots and a Caesar dressing. Tasty salad, with enough crunch from the cucumbers, and while I might have used less dressing if I made it myself, it was still tasty and made for a good starter.

“East Coast Cioppino”

Then came the cioppino. The tomato broth was amazing – it had a tomato flavor, but not overly strong, there was a great blend of spices, and it had just enough spiciness (hot spicy) to give it a kick, but not too much. The calamari was fried to perfection, and was great with the broth. The fish had good flavor and wasn’t overly fishy, and was soft to the touch. The scallops were soft and tender, and had a slight sweetness to them – absolutely wonderful. The mussels’ meat were smaller than ones you might see in a buffet, but the intensity of the flavor more than made up for it! The shrimp were tasty, and it seemed like there were some clam necks in the broth, which had great flavor as well!

All in all, a very filling and satisfying lunch!


PS: (And we got back somewhat late, and I was still full by dinner, so tonight’s dinner was a rather simple spinach salad with tuna and a balsamic vinaigrette).


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