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July 16, 2012: Hamburger Helper Mac and Cheese

I wanted to use another box of Hamburger Helper, and I ended up using a cheese flavored one – so quite literally, a fancied up macaroni and cheese.

Ground beef

So I only had 1 hamburger patty left, and didn’t feel like that was enough, so I went to Whole Foods and picked up some ground beef to add. After browning the meat, I drained it, and added the water, milk, sauce mix, and pasta – I added some extra pasta shells to the elbow macaroni in the package so there’d be enough for a couple servings of leftovers. I also added some frozen peas for added color and veggie goodness!

Boiling the pasta in the cheese sauce

I think I finally found a good mixture in regards to the amount of water, milk, and extra food added – there was enough sauce to cover everything, but not too much that it felt like soup! At the end, I added a slice of provolone to melt on top to add to the flavor, along with some extra ground black pepper. In the end – a quick and easy meal with enough leftovers for a couple meals!

Macaroni and cheese


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