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July 31, 2012: Shrimp Pasta!

I’ve had this box of parmesan Pasta Roni sitting in my room for a while. I probably would’ve used chicken, but I already did a chicken with white sauce pasta…so I figured that I’d do shrimp! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I was planning to do it earlier in the week, but I ended up waiting until Tuesday.

Frozen shrimp!

I bought some frozen shrimp (precooked, though I didn’t realize that until later), and defrosted them. I cooked them in the pot in two batches. Added butter, garlic powder, and salt (albeit a bit too much in the second batch). Also used a bit of lemon juice.

Butter, garlic powder, lemon, and salt

Cookin’ some shrimp!


After the shrimp was done and warm, I turned to the pasta, which was just a parmesan flavored pasta roni – not too hard, just following directions off the box. Boiled water and milk, added the pasta, then added the spices and sauce packet (which I assume included parmesan in there somewhere!)

Great meal!

I then placed the shrimp on top of the pasta. On the side, I also added a rocket salad (arugula! Mmmm!). I mixed arugula with some mixed spring greens so the arugula flavor wouldn’t be overly strong. Besides some of the shrimp being overly salty or dry, it was a very satisfying meal!


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