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August 3, 2012: Pot ‘Roasted’ Chicken

Now this is one of those blog posts that suffers a bit because of the custom font, and the special character set that it has – the title for today should be:

August 3, 2012: (Pot) “Roasted” Chicken

Mind you, this was no pot roast chicken! This was a chicken “roasted” in a pot – perhaps pan-fried is a better description. But there’s a little background on this. I was intending to do some sort of chicken where I’d have to season or batter it, on the last Friday night. However, I got wrapped up in a rather lengthy conversation and before I knew it, it was 8pm! By then, I wasn’t that interested in shopping for food and then cooking, in what would probably at least an hour to an hour and a half (I was going to make rice too, in the same pot). So I remembered that Whole Foods has pre-seasoned chicken, so I bought some chicken hind quarters seasoned with lemon and pepper. I also purchased a head of broccoli and a baguette.

Pre-seasoned chicken


When I got back, the first task was to cook the broccoli. I figured I’d steam it and only use a little water, instead of boiling it, so I could use less water, and it wouldn’t take as long to start boiling. The broccoli was soon done.

Chicken in the pot

After that,I put in a smidge of butter to melt in the hot pot, and then added the chicken as soon as possible. (As the chicken got warm, it added quite a bit of oil, thus the fried roasted chicken – had to pour out some of the excess at one point).

Great bread (still warm from the store too!)

While the chicken was going, I enjoyed some bread from the baguette to tide me over while everything cooked through. The chicken got a nice crusting, though I had to wait a while for it to cook all the way through.

Chicken done – great crust!

Chicken finished

After the chicken was done (or nearly done), I placed it on the plate for a while to cook a little more, and covered it after a bit (to try to keep the outside rather crispy) to keep it warm.

(dark) browning the rice

Last was the Rice a Roni, added into some of the leftover chicken flavored oil. This time, I allowed the vermicelli and rice brown more than usual (to a dark brown, rather than light), before adding in the water and spices. After that, it was just waiting for the rice to finish.

Dinner! Only about 45 minutes cooking time!

When everything was done, it turned out pretty well. The chicken wasn’t quite as flavorful as I was expecting (perhaps I should have added some salt to it), but it was still tasty and a pretty pain-free way to have a roasted-like chicken!


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