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Flashback: Chai Tea Frappes!

July 31, 2012

We had a bit of group kitchen fun during Mary Beth’s last night – Chai Tea Frappes! Or at least our attempt (interpretation?) of one! Originally, the idea was to do a green tea frappe – though we ended up having chai tea – works just as well! While boiling a large part of water with the tea, we took to the ice.

Tea time

Of course the ice has to be crushed (since we were without blender – luckily, thanks to Mary Beth, we were with hammer). Wrapped in plastic baggies, ice crushing commenced. Not that the plastic bags actually contained the ice during the smashing, but that’s just a small detail!

Ice + Bag + Hammer = A night of fun



When the tea was sufficiently strong, we placed it in the freezer for faster chilling. When it was chilled, we added various amounts of tea, milk, ice, and vanilla ice cream. I think they turned out quite well! I really enjoyed the spices in the tea, and when mixed with the ice cream to give it sweetness and a little frothiness, it tasted almost like a Christmas drink! Or a chai frappe milkshake. Either way, it was a lot of fun and quite a memorable night!

Ready to drink!


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