March 30, 2014: Whitefish with Asparagus

Whitefish with asparagus

Whitefish with asparagus

I went shopping this weekend and picked up a fillet of Alaskan whitefish, with the intention of making an easy meal, wrapping the fish in  foil with a lemon and throwing it in the oven for about 20 minutes.

And then I realized today that I didn’t have any foil.

So onto plan B, cooking with my singular pot. I had bought asparagus to go with it (I seem to buy a lot of asparagus on breaks, though I don’t get it much on a regular basis). I did a quick steam of the asparagus first – I don’t mind eating it cold, and there’d be less clean up. For the fish, I cut the fillet into 3 pieces, I added some salt and pepper, and added some Italian spice mix on one piece.  I just put a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pot, and put in the fish to cook, flipping the fish halfway through. For the last 2 fillets, I added a couple of lemon slices about halfway through the cooking. I really liked the flavor, though I think next time, I’d add the lemon earlier.