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January 18, 2015: Shrimp Scampi

Tonight I tried my hand at cooking shrimp scampi. I don’t have a lot of experience cooking seafood, but I had time over the weekend to try it out.

Peeled Shrimp

Peeled Shrimp

I had a bag a frozen (in shell) shrimp, so I took about 15 of them, defrosted them, and then peeled them. I started cooking broccoli and got my pasta going – ideally I would’ve liked linguine, but I didn’t have any so settled for rotini instead. I started a pan with a little canola oil (didn’t have olive oil) and butter, then added garlic powder and red pepper flakes. I added salt and pepper to the shrimp, and added them to the pan.

Shrimp in the pan

Shrimp in the pan

I forgot that butter can’t take high heat and had it cooked on medium high – it probably would’ve been better to stick with medium heat, as the shrimp got pretty brown. To be honest I may have overcooked them a little bit on one side before flipping them over, and may have burnt the butter slightly. But after the shrimp were done cooking, I added lemon juice and some chardonnay to the pan to make a sauce to go over the pasta.

The completed dinner

The completed dinner

All in all, not a bad try! The shrimp had a nice buttery flavor, and the sauce had a strong lemon flavor. I think next time I’d be sure to add some more red pepper flakes and garlic, as those flavors didn’t come out too strongly. Maybe a little less lemon juice, or a little more wine to balance out some of the sauce flavors, and don’t let the sauce reduce quite so long so there’s a little more liquid next time. But it was a great dinner to cook!


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